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So what is this all about: since I'm an FSX fan and love flying I try to do a short tutorial about VOR / ILS. This is more for myself cause I've struggled with this for hours but I hope that somebody will find this using some search engines. I will keep it as simple as possible, if you want to learn more about VOR / ILS please use the links or Google :)

And please remember: I'm FAR from being an expert! So don't judge me to hard for any mistakes I've made here.

So here we go: we wanna fly from a small airport near Oslo called Kjeller (ENKJ) to Torp airport just on the other side of Oslo fjord. Then I've planed a fly to Rygge but that will not be described here. So that's how my flight plan looks like:

Or on a map it looks pretty much like this:

So we need the VOR and ILS frequencies and we can find those on the map. Just zoom in and click on the VOR / airport icons on the map.


VOR frequency is 113.85 and the Morse code you can see it on the map. Note down all this.


ILS frequency for runway 18 is 108.300; heading 179 and the morse code can be seen in the previous image.

We have the frequencies, we have our heading, we have the morse codes so we can no go flying.

First we have to configure the NAV 1 radio for the VOR frequency:

NAV radio

Set the frequency on the NAV 1 radio and DO NOT forget to push the swap button to make it active (with red). It took me 1 hour to actually figure out that I have to press that button. Silly me ...
And also press the NAV 1 button on the top of the radio stack (with blue).

Before taking off set the VOR indicator to a heading of 205. Remember the flight plan? That's where you find this.

cesna take off

So at this point you should have NAV 1 set to 113.85, button NAV 1 pressed, VOR 1 set to a heading of 205. Ready to take off and climb to 1500 feet and wait for the magic 1 to happen ...

climb to 1500

Once you are around 1500 feet and you have pressed the NAV 1 button you will start to hear the morse code of the VOR if everything is set correctly. _ /_ _ _ /. _ . - that's what you should hear. Now it's a good time to active the auto pilot. Set an altitude of 3500, press the ALT button, the NAV button and the AP button. And now your plane will flight to the VOR.

oslo FSX

Just checking on the GPS if everything is correct. You can see the Oslo fjord and there is the Radisson hotel and the Posten tower.

On the next picture I just want to show you a small bug in FSX:

bridge over fjord

Do you see that bridge? Well actually in real world that is actually a tunell - The Oslofjord Tunnel, one of the longest undersea tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe; it is 7.2 km long and reaches a depth of 134 metres below sea level, with a maximum gradient of 7%. The tunnel was opened by King Harald V on June 29, 2000, providing an alternative method of transport between the east and west side of the Oslofjord, replacing the former Drøbak–Storsand Ferry operated by Ferjeselskapet Drøbak–Hurum–Svelvik.

After a few minutes we are almost in the ariport's airspace.

close to torp

So now it's a good time to configure the plane for ILS landing:

Set the NAV 1 frequency to 108.30, press Swap the NAV 1 button. After a short time you should hear the Morse code for the ILS:
_/._ _ . - remember the second map? That's where you find this. Also look at the VOR 1 and watch how the needle configuration is changed.

Depress the NAV button and press the APR button. Very important! And now magic 2 will happen - your plane to turn towards the runway!

ILS approach TORP

Once inside the airport airspace your plane will catch the ILS and will start to turn towards the runway. Nothing happens? Have you pressed the APR button?

Small check on the GPS that the plane is not following the normal route but turning to align with the runway.

Start preparing the plane for landing: adjust flaps, slow down and descend using the auto pilot. You can see the glide slope on the left.

ILS landing torp

Continue heading toward the runway but remember: the plane will NOT do everything by itself. You still have to set flaps and speed. And now would be a good idea to switch off the altitude switch.

landing on TORP

And if everyting went well you should be in a few minutes on the runway. Remember to adjust flaps, set thortle to idle and raise the nose a little just before touchdown.

That's pretty much it. I hope somebody actually made it to here with the reading and the landing.

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